1. Introduction

I felt inspired to write this blog after reading my friend’s similar story and realised not only how many people are affected by fertility problems, but also how few people actually talk about it openly.

As young men, we’re bombarded by testosterone filled images of sports stars, constantly reminded that our sole purpose is to procreate and that anything less than a sackful of perfect international champion swimmers just isn’t manly.

Well I’m sorry to say guys, but infertility affects approximately 1 in 5 couples. Think of all the people you know, and statistically how many of those are likely to be affected by infertility? Yet how many of those friends and family have ever discussed it?

My intention is that my story-come-blog will break some social taboos and my hope is that it will help to change people’s perspective of infertility. Hopefully my musings will entertain you along the way as well


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