9. Initial response to my blog

Since we’ve entered the purgatory that exists between cycles, I thought that I would take time to reflect on my feelings and share some of the initial responses since writing this blog.

I’m so pleased that I was inspired by my friend to write this blog. The first 8 posts have helped me to collect and organise the multitude of thoughts and memories that have been circulating round in my brain and building for the last few years. I really feel as though a great weight has been lifted spiritually from my shoulders. I know that it doesn’t make the events still to pass any easier, but it does give me a sense of renewed vigour with which to face them.

The initial responses to my blog have been amazing. The people that knew we’ve been undergoing treatment for our fertility problems said that they can now appreciate just what’s been weighing us down, particularly in the last 4 months since we started the first cycle of ICSI. One friend said she was moved to tears by the end of our story at part 8 and had since been inspired to write about events in her own life.

Many of you have also shared your past experiences with me, highlighting just how common fertility problems can be. I feel deeply privileged that you felt you could share these deeply personal issues with me and hope that it was not too painful in doing so. With me sharing our story with you in this way, I also hope that you now don’t feel quite so alone in your own plights or that in sharing your own stories with me you too have felt the same weight lifted from your shoulders.


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