11. Meeting with the  Professor of Embryology

Our meeting with the Professor of Embryology happened. It didn’t really give us any answers or reassurances, but it wasn’t negative either. She spent half an hour giving us more information about our embies; one had unusually split initially into 3 not 2 and another had uneven pronuclei. Importantly though, they all survived the icsi injection. Statistically speaking, we had an average percentage of fertilised eggs but we just didn’t have a large quantity of eggs collected, so allowing for losses at each stage of the process our luck eventually ran out. She could tell us in great detail what had happened to each egg/embryo, but couldn’t say why they’d failed to develop.


The million dollar question that no one can answer is what about my swimmers? Having had to give my reproductive system a jump start after 30 something years of doing nothing, they just don’t know if they’re swimming around but don’t contain the full amount of dna to successfully reproduce.


The important “take-home” is that she didn’t see any reason we shouldn’t try again. Perhaps it’s just a numbers game and a case of getting the right sperm and egg together with a whacking great dollop of luck.


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