12. Life gets in the way

When is the right time to try for a baby? Well when you’re spending several months salary on ivf/icsi the answer is when your wife is going to be the least stressed. I say least stressed because life by its very nature is full of stressful situations. Being a school teacher immediately puts my wife at a disadvantage on the stress front. A number of family bereavements in the last few months and with us also being in the middle of moving home means that right now just isn’t the right time to start down a fresh ivf/icsi cycle.


As much as we would like to, and there’s nothing stopping us from starting straight away. We have to listen to our heads not hearts and allow time for our move to go through and my wife’s students to finish their exams. That all means we’re potentially looking at starting our 2nd cycle in a few months, so sometime around June or July.


Well when you’re a few years into the journey, what’s another few months, right?


3 thoughts on “12. Life gets in the way

  1. Hi! Just come across your blog and I think your honesty is great. It’s a hard journey and your so right that there is a right time and wrong time to start for every couple.
    I see you haven’t posted in a while but I hope you are both doing well and hoping to hear more of your story in the future!


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