13. Here we go again

So last minute we worked out that we could fit attempt 2 in just before the school hols, so the 2ww will be in the first 2 weeks giving my wife plenty of r&r time. Then one way or another, we still have time to fit in a small break away without worrying about the endless hospital visits.

So we’re well on the way into attempt 2. We’ve been put on the short 1 month protocol this time. There doesn’t seem to be any particular reason why they use the long or short other than the flip of a coin.

After spending half a month’s salary on my legal drug habit, we waited for day 1. We didn’t have long to wait as her body decided it was as eager as we were to get started as day 1 was a few days early.

The whole process seems a lot less exciting this time around. I don’t know if that’s because we know what to expect. We’re a week into the injections and the egg retrieval operation looks likely to happen early next week. About the most interesting thing to happen was the nurse telling my wife she has a beautiful womb at the scan this morning.

We had an unexpected arrival in the shape of a little unicorn from some friends of ours. They recently went through an unsuccessful 3rd ivf cycle and we were as gutted as they were that it didn’t work out for them.


It’s amazing to know we’ve got lovely friends thinking about us as we go through the next few weeks.



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