14. We’re going on an egg hunt

We had our last scan on Monday and we told we’re ready to go for egg collection today. We had 2 at 22mm, 1 at 20mm and 1 at 17mm. They need to be at least 18mm before they’ll consider attempting the collection procedure. The last injections were taken later on Monday and I received a call from the clinic to ask us to take the trigger at 9pm.

Tuesday felt like the calm before the storm. No injections, no scans, no clinic appointments. Nothing to do except wait for Wednesday to come. So we did what we enjoy most (except trying to make babies) and went to see our ballroom dance class “family”. Those guys are all so supportive and it was nice to have a distraction.

Collection day arrived sooner than we thought and we were soon on our way to the clinic. The recovery room was the usual hum of activity as the doctors went about talking through the various procedures with all the ladies. I wasn’t expecting to provide a fresh sample as I’ve been off the pituitary hormones since our first attempt failed. So it was a surprise when an andrologist poked his head through the curtain and asked me to meet him in “the room of shame”. I reminded him of my pituitary problem and lack of lh/fsh hormones that trigger the spermatogenesis. But regardless he said we may as well see if we can work with a fresh sample. Ok, well if you insist sir, I’ll go rub one out into your little pot.

I went back to the recovery room and was happy to see my wife still sat waiting to go down to the theatre. We didn’t wait long and she was soon being whisked off down the corridor away from me. I sat back and put some music on. Totally forgetting that the first song on the album I chose was “so far away from me”. Yeh ok, I welled up and shed a little tear knowing I couldn’t be with her to help her through this part of our journey together. I swear my subconscience has a wicked sense of humour sometimes.

She came back fast asleep unlike last time when she was already waking up and making a bid for freedom over the side of the trolley. They hooked her up to the monitors and the aneasthetist smiled looking pleased, telling me it had all gone smooothly and she’ll wake up soon before wishing me well and heading off to make another lady go unconscious.

She soon started to wake up and started talking the usual gibberish. She just about got out “I don’t remember a thing” before drifting in and out of consciousness a few more times over the next few minutes.

When she had come round, the Dr came to see us and proudly said she had collected all 4 eggs from her ovaries and they were already being prepared by the embryologists. An andrologist then saw us to confirm my sample had been zero as expected and they had defrosted one of my back-ups from the freezer.

So we’re back home and now there’s nothing to do except wait for a phonecall tomorrow to inform us if there’s anything to put back and hopefully when they’ll schedule the transfer.


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