15. That didn’t quite go according to plan!!!

Ok, I’m going to start with the outcome, we’ve failed, again.

We received a phonecall from the embyology team yesterday to say that only 1 of the 4 eggs they retrieved was mature enough to inject and sadly that 1 egg had not fertilised.

So instead of being back at the clinic today for an embryo transfer we were made an appointment to see the consultant to discuss our failed icsi cycle.  Not that he could tell us any more than we didn’t already need to know. He and his team were baffled why we weren’t here for a transfer today. For the size of the follicles we should have had at least 4 mature eggs for icsi. On a good day we could have been working with 5 or 6. But for some reason that they don’t really know why, we had only the one mature egg out of the 4 they collected. Apparently it can happen that sometimes the large follicles don’t produce a mature egg or even an egg at all. It may surprise you to learn that the medical community just simply don’t know enough about the reproduction process to offer any explanations why these things can happen.

They said the mature egg they injected my sperm into looked a perfect specimen. With about an 80% chance of fertilisation our second bit of bad luck was the egg they injected sadly didn’t fertilise. Again, there’s no explanation they can offer why not.

So the long and short is that once again lady luck just wasn’t on our side.

The one positive to come out of our meeting was that the consultant and his team agree it isn’t time for us to give up or consider alternatives. He did mention to us about starting to think about donor eggs, which is rather ironic since we always though that it would be my sperm that would be the limiting factor.

So what next? I can’t honestly say at the moment. The emotions of the last few days are still too raw for us to properly process what has happened or what ee want to do next. Physically my wife has to wait at least 2 or 3 natural cycles to be ready to start again. Emotionally will we ever be ready? The old cliche is time being a great healer. My wife now has 6 weeks off work for the school summer holiday. We’ll spend time together and go away on holiday; We’re thinking Sorrento in Italy looks quite nice and relaxing. Time to try and forget all that has happened in the last few days and pick it up again if and when we’re ready.


4 thoughts on “15. That didn’t quite go according to plan!!!

    1. Thanks hun. I’m back at work tomorrow. My wife’s still got 6 weeks off. We’ve spent the weekend relaxing post-cycle and have booked a trip to Italy in a few weeks.
      Hope things are going well for you guys x

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. We’re taking time out from thinking about it all and enjoying not being on the ivf conveyor belt. For now we’re focussing on what we have together and not what we aspire to have. We’re over the initial shock and back on the upward slope of our rollercoaster journey. Also starting to wonder just how many cliches I can get away with in one post 😀


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