12. Life gets in the way

When is the right time to try for a baby? Well when you're spending several months salary on ivf/icsi the answer is when your wife is going to be the least stressed. I say least stressed because life by its very nature is full of stressful situations. Being a school teacher immediately puts my wife … Continue reading 12. Life gets in the way

11. Meeting with the  Professor of Embryology

Our meeting with the Professor of Embryology happened. It didn't really give us any answers or reassurances, but it wasn't negative either. She spent half an hour giving us more information about our embies; one had unusually split initially into 3 not 2 and another had uneven pronuclei. Importantly though, they all survived the icsi … Continue reading 11. Meeting with the  Professor of Embryology

8. What next?

It's been almost 2 months since that ill-fated, cold December morning. Though the pain has faded, the sorrow of our failure has not. Whether it's photos of our family and friend's babies babies posted on social media, or passing pregnant ladies/young families out in town, constant triggers for our grief are everywhere. Please don't judge … Continue reading 8. What next?

6. The longest 2 weeks of our lives

The day after the transfer procedure felt very, very strange. With no more injections for either me or my wife to do, and no further appointments scheduled at the hospital, there was literally nothing for us to do except wait. It’s at this point that I stopped and considered just how lucky couples that conceive … Continue reading 6. The longest 2 weeks of our lives