16. Life goes on…

Today's the day my wife would have had the pregnancy test had we made it to transfer day. I had to go to the hospital for a scan today to check for osteoporosis as I'm at high risk due to my hypopituitarism. I was sat in the waiting room before my appointment and couldn't help … Continue reading 16. Life goes on…


15. That didn’t quite go according to plan!!!

Ok, I'm going to start with the outcome, we've failed, again. We received a phonecall from the embyology team yesterday to say that only 1 of the 4 eggs they retrieved was mature enough to inject and sadly that 1 egg had not fertilised. So instead of being back at the clinic today for an … Continue reading 15. That didn’t quite go according to plan!!!

11. Meeting with the  Professor of Embryology

Our meeting with the Professor of Embryology happened. It didn't really give us any answers or reassurances, but it wasn't negative either. She spent half an hour giving us more information about our embies; one had unusually split initially into 3 not 2 and another had uneven pronuclei. Importantly though, they all survived the icsi … Continue reading 11. Meeting with the  Professor of Embryology

1. Introduction

I felt inspired to write this blog after reading my friend’s similar story and realised not only how many people are affected by fertility problems, but also how few people actually talk about it openly. As young men, we’re bombarded by testosterone filled images of sports stars, constantly reminded that our sole purpose is to … Continue reading 1. Introduction